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Welcome to a Blast From My Author Past

Hello, and welcome, fantasy lovers, one and all!

Tis been an age since I last blogged, so I thought it appropriate to start off here with some illustrations conjured up from my old blog. For those who don't know me, I'm an author of YA fantasy. That includes epic fantasy, Christian fantasy, and fantasy romance. Throw in a few kids' books about special needs for good measure.

I don't know yet how often I intend to do this. It's just a for-fun thing for me and you lovely readers! I intend to share about my books, of course, but hopefully other fantasy books, games, shows, movies, and such.

If you want exclusive info on my books, including the series these old illustrations are inspired by, you should definitely join my newsletter here. Comes with a couple gifted stories now, so you can get a good sample of my writing.

So, what's with these sketchy old illustrations? Well, way back in the day, I liked to draw my characters. Often in a manga type style, as you can see. These are all characters from The Gailean Quartet, my YA epic fantasy saga combining magic and music.

There's been some changes over the many years. For example, Mandolin and her race of elves are now dark-skinned with dark hair, Darice no longer looks like a clown with blue hair, and I honestly have no clue who Bethany is because I don't think she made it into the final edited series. But they're still fun and nostalgic nontheless!

Check out each book in the series here if you like.

On that note, happy reading, and I'll see you in the next post!

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