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Introducing my epic YA Fantasy, Prelude of Fire, first in The Gailean Quartet!


Ashlai is a Fyre who can harness powers of flame from the sun. Despite her powers, or perhaps because of them, she has always felt like an outsider among the Forest-footer Elves who raised her and her brother, Merritt. 


When their home is attacked by King Ragnar and his "Sere," a vicious drought that burns all in its path, Ashlai embarks on a quest to save it. Her only clues are the strange music playing inside her head, the warnings of a captive princess, and a broken prism left to her by her long-lost mother. 


With the help of new friends, including a snarky elf, two squabbling but kind-spirited bards, and a boy who can turn into a tree, Ashlai journeys to collect the remaining prism shards. 


Can she find them and defeat Ragnar before his Sere consumes all Hyloria? 

Or will the secrets of the prism cause Ashlai to lose her new friends, her family, and even herself?


*This website is the only place you can obtain a copy with a personalized autograph, other than happening upon me at a book-signing.  If you've ever wanted an epic adventure for yourself or a loved one that includes a personalized autograph just for you/them, now's the time!*

Prelude of Fire

  • Due to the personalized autograph, books are non-refundable. If you would rather have a copy without an autograph, please visit this Amazon link:

    Also available on other websites where books are sold. :)

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